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Welcome to Indian Catering Singapore, the home of the finest and Best Indian Catering service in Singapore. We strive to provide customers with a high quality and authentic Indian cuisine. Besides our sumptuous buffet catering spread of delightful Indian dishes cooked by our award winning chefs, Indian Catering Singapore is also fastidious about all the extras that goes into making your event an unforgettable experience. All these includes :

  • Venue Selection
  • Type of Catering
  • Ambience and Decor

Of course, all these choices can be quite intimidating. But don’t feel overwhelmed. Contact us to speak to our friendly planners. Free consultation and advice from our resident planners. Among the questions we would like to know is:

  1. Size of party – Number of pax.
  2. What type of event is this?
  3. Is it a birthday, a charity event, a corporate dinner and dance, a fund raising, or a wedding?
  4. The more details you share the better it is for our planners to give you advice.
  5. So don’t just tell us it’s a birthday.
  6. Tell us it’s a 70th birthday celebration for Grandpa and that he plans to invite many of his ex-army commander mates.
  7. Has venue been selected? If so, where?
  8. Is it indoor or outdoor? Will decoration be done by the venue itself?
  9. Importantly, what’s your initial preference for type of catering?
  10. Do you prefer formal plated sit-down dinners, or a more casual D-I-Y catering spread with finger foods.
  11. If you have no idea, fret not. Again, speak to our friendly planners who will give you suggestions.
  12. Of course, the ultimate decision is yours.
  13. Type of Indian cuisine: North, South, Halal, Vegetarian, Healthy or High Tea

Remember, choose Indian Cuisines to add some spice to your event with the authentic Indian Catering experience. If you are looking for a caterer that can execute a Bollywood theme, or the typical opulence and grandeur of an Indian wedding, we are your choice caterer.

While we do have set menus, we are very flexible with our menus. Our aim is to ensure that your event is one that you will never forget. So if you are looking for flexibility, we can accommodate. Above all else, our staff’s number one priority at Indian Catering Singapore, is to deliver to your event the highest level of quality services. Do tap on our extensive experience in planning for all Indian Catering events and let us co-plan along with you, a menu and setting that will live on in the memories of you and your guests.

We have affordably priced packages to suit all budgets …

 Masala High Tea SpecialMasti Masala High Tea SpecialSmall Sizes SpecialMarvelously Medium Masti MenuLaudably Lavishly Large Extravagntly Extra-Large
Price/Person (plated)$7$9$12$14$16$18
Min. Pax504040303025
Main (Carbohydrate)OneOneOneTwoTwoTwo
Main (Meat)OneTwo----
DrinksTea/Coffee/Lime CordialTea/Coffee/Lime CordialMasala Tea/ButtermilkMasala Tea/ButtermilkMasala Tea/ButtermilkMasala Tea/Buttermilk

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